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ASP-Executioner: Merry New Year!!!.......
ASP-BigT: Happy New Year
ASP-Chaos: So...My login still works..I thought I was deleted for sure....
ASP-Executioner: JJ good to see you have come out of your coma.....Looks like we all are gettimg the new COD WWII
ASP-SniperOne: I got rid of all those hacker posters and made the site approval only for posting
ASP-jjjones: Who is this SniperOne
ASP-SniperOne: working on revamping and refurb of the web site so old farts can play COD WWII again in peace
ASP-SniperOne: You may notice the BS members ar all gone and it takes admin to allow for a newuser
ASP-Executioner: Lets do it...How bout a new Battlefront 2 theme....
ASP-SniperOne: lets get this forem cleaned up and a new look site for the COD WW2
ASP-Executioner: Our Teamspeak 3 is still active, its listed on the page. Come join one night!... You to Bear!!!...
ASP-Executioner: Tony great to hear from ya,.. I miss those days [URL] do many of us.
Tony: I sure do miss sniping with you all back in the COD2 days
ASP-Executioner: I do not like spam!..
TheBearAk: spam spam spam spam spam
TheBearAk: dead web? Lots of junk in the forums
ASP-Executioner: Merry Christmas my ASP Brothers!!!...
ASP-Executioner: Yep,... for Sure!!...
ASP-Executioner: Long Live ASP....... Sniper till I die!....
ASP-SniperOne: Merry Xmas ASP!!!!!
ASP-Executioner: SniperOne is the smartest and best player at ASP for Sure!

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